Disputes, whether between business partners, clients, or colleagues, take their toll. When conflicting parties reach a deadlock, they block any shared development or even destroy valuable gains.  This costs time and money.  The presence of a neutral person in such situations can be helpful in finding a mutually acceptable solution.

What we offer

Our mediation services offer a structured and time-tested process, in which solutions are crafted together.   In court proceedings, it is the judge who decides the outcome of a dispute.  Mediation is different.  We help all parties reach an appropriate and binding decision - themselves.

Our methods

Mediation is a voluntary and extrajudicial procedure for conflict resolution.  The mediator provides the framework and facilitates along the way.  She is unbiased (neutral), and helps conflicting parties to end their dispute and reach agreement.

Your benefits

The reflection process in mediation gives you the opportunity to determine which aspects hold what value, and to ascertain the most important elements of the situation.  You also get to know the situation from the counterparties` point of view, and discover new perspectives which were previously unknown.  Together, you will find a self-determined, tailor-made, and binding solution to your dispute, with no protracted legal process.  This will allow you to devote yourself to whatever is closest to your heart.

Chantal Bolzern, Attorney, LL.M. and Mediator